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Retreats of all kinds offer spiritual, physical, and mental renewal as you spend time in a place free of your daily responsibilities. Jesus shows us on several occasions the importance of setting aside time for yourself and your relationship with God and others. The individual benefits of a retreat can include quiet time of peace and personal study, the chance to spend extra time enjoying a hobby, or even the opportunity to make new friends. Benefits for families and groups include shared experiences and the bonding moments that occur when traveling and living together for an extended period. Most importantly, retreats offer individuals, groups and families the chance to grow together while also experiencing the individual benefits.

With both rental opportunities where you set the date and the agenda and retreats and programs where we make all the arrangements and you sign up, show up, and enjoy - Camp Perkins offers a wide variety of choices to take a break from your normal routine and spend some time away. Whether you're bringing the whole family, having a couple’s get away, reuniting with friends, or organizing a trip for your group, staff, or organization, you're sure to find just the right thing for you.

Family Camps

Spend a week or weekend up at camp with other families in the beautiful surroundings of Camp Perkins! As families seek new economic vacation options, Camp Perkins offers a practical and fun alternative. Bring your immediate family, extended family, and friends who seem like family to reconnect with one another. Spend time in bible studies with summer staff and other adults in-between time with your children in which you will create a lasting bond.

"Family Camp is truly a wonderful family time, a special and spiritual weekend for all. Camp Perkins is a special place that fosters Christian fellowship that we all greatly appreciate. Keep providing this type of foundation -- we all need a Camp Perkins in our lives.” - Matt & Nora Nelson

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