Day Camp

The Camp Perkins Day Camp ministry partners with your congregation in leading quality Christian programming through a five-day experience for children. Participants will experience God’s Grace and Love through hands-on Bible Study, devotions, skits, games, archery, other camp-related activities, and interaction with energetic camp staff.

Why have Camp Perkins come to your church to lead "VBS"?

Day Camp is much more than VBS. Day camp is about bringing the energy and excitement of Camp Perkins to your site, so you can focus on building relationships and maybe doing things you would not be able to do without camp. We take care of all the programming, so you don't have to worry about it. The typical Day Camp schedule is from 9am-3pm, but we will work with you to meet your congregation's needs. Camp will send 3-6 energetic college-age students who can take care of it all!

Our goals at Day Camp are to:

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
One of our key goals is to share the Gospel clearly through all of our Day Camp activities. As a response to this Gospel, we will look at how God calls us to action. Worship, study, arts and crafts, and recreation are all designed to make God’s love come alive for children.

Work with the local congregation in reaching out to children during the summer months
Do you have friends you've been wanting to invite to church? We'd love to see them and their children at DayCamp. You can include neighborhood children and friends of members as well as children of the congregation. Day Camp can be an effective tool for Christian outreach.

Strengthen the congregation’s ministry of Christian Education
Keep enthusiasm alive for learning and offer new ideas and leadership. Our hope is to help congregations serve the children within their communities.

Provide an experiential faith opportunity
Day Camp gives children a safe, fun environment for nurturing their faith. The children are able to be strengthened in the grace and knowledge of their Savior, Jesus Christ.

Engage in Intergenerational Ministry
Day Camp is an Intergenerational Week!!! Day Camp volunteers are a great way to get adults and older youth involved with your congregation. The shared experiences of Day Camp are a fun and exciting way to build stronger friendships and communities. Camp Perkins takes care of the program so you can focus on building relationships. Through the use of volunteers, evening activities, special events, and proper planning, there is a place for everyone in the congregation during the week of day camp!


To inquire about available Day Camp weeks, contact the Camp Perkins office at (208) 788-0897. Download our Day Camp Reservation Information to get started now! You may also visit the Day Camp Resources page for more detailed information such as pricing, host family responsibiliites and more.

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