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June 1-3, 2018

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Delegate Convention

The Delegate Convention is an important day in the life of Camp Perkins and essential for Delegates and the Board of Directors. The Delegate Convention is charged with approving amendments to the bylaws, electing members of the Board of Directors, and authorizing major changes in direction.

Camp Perkins is owned and operated by 38 Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations in southern Idaho, Utah, and Oregon and exists to assist those member congregations in ministry. Each congregation that owns Camp Perkins has one delegate to Camp Perkins. The mission of the congregation's delegate is to represent the congregation at the Delegate Convention and to enthusiastically communicate the ministry, program, and needs of Camp Perkins to the congregation. The congregation's delegate is the principal channel of communication between the congregation and Camp Perkins. These delegates convene at least once per year at the Delegate Convention.

Beyond the business meetings, Camp Perkins hosts activities for children and spouses of Delegates and Board members.

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