Health Care Volunteer

2018 Weeks:
July 1-5 
July 8-13  
July 15-20  
July 22-27 Abby Tesar  
July 29-Aug 3 
August 5-10  

Spiritual Life Leader

2018 Weeks:
July 1-6
Rev Mark Schulze 
July 8-13
Rev Roger Theimer  
July 15-20 
Rev Travis Guse
July 22-27 Cassie Schermbeck, DCE
July 29-Aug 3 Rev Jonathan Dinger
August 5-10 Amy Hubach, DCE

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Volunteer Opportunities

Camp Perkins has many opportunities to volunteer your time! We have several summer opportunities and work weekends. Camp could not exist as it does without the support of our many volunteers, and it is that love that camp was built on!

Health Care Volunteers

Each week in the summer, we need a a health care volunteer to come take care of the physical needs of our campers. This includes everything from giving out band-aids to camper and staff medications. Because of the scope of the responsibility, we are looking for those that are experienced in the health care field to fill this position. Health Care Volunteers (HCV) are invited to bring their families with them, and for every week they serve, their kids will receive a week of camp at half price! They will also get a staff t-shirt for their time. Please download and complete the HCV Application for more information and to apply. A background check will be run on all HCV's prior to arrival.

On Sundays, we are also looking for 2-3 other volunteers that are experienced in the health care field to help check our campers in and get them out of the lines and into the cabins! We need people from 2:30-4pm every week to help check in meds and review the health forms to be sure we can care for all of our campers. If you volunteer, you'll also get a free t-shirt!

Health Care Volunteer Information Brochure

Spiritual Life Leader

During the summer, Camp Perkins invites church workers to come to Camp to help care for the Spiritual well-being and growth of the entire camp. They help with Staff Bible Study times, camper Bible Study, Campfire, and even throwing water balloons. Spiritual Life Leaders (SLL) are welcome to bring their families and stay in the comfort of our retreat center for the week, receive a week at half price for their kids, and also get a staff t-shirt! Please download and complete the the SLL Application for more information and to apply. A background check will be run on SLL's prior to arrival.

Resource Staff

Do you love to do wood work? Fold laundry? Help cook 10 pans of lasagna? Then come help out for a week at camp! We are looking for people to come to camp and utilize their unique talents and interests to serve the Lord. Please download and complete a Resource Staff Application if you are interested in serving at camp!

Veteran Staff

Camp Perkins Staff Alumni! Your connection to the traditions and experience with the transformational impact of Camp Perkins uniquely qualifies you to be an extension of the current summer staff. Lead games, teach "new" campfire songs, encourage and mentor staff and be a part of the community. We would love to have you! Please download and complete a Veteran Staff Application if you are interested in serving at camp!

Leaders in Training

Are you in High School and would love to volunteer your time at Camp Perkins? Then check out our Leaders in Training program to find out how to make it happen!

Work Weekends

Each year, winter turns into summer and summer turns into winter. And each year that means a lot of work getting ready for the thousands of people that will come in summer and to get ready for the multiple feet of snow and all of the campers that will come in winter. Join us for our spring work weekend and fall work weekend for an amazing free weekend of service at camp! Camp can not happen without our volunteers!

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