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Leadership Training

Camp Perkins is not just about coming to camp to experience a program in God's Creation. For many, it is about learning about leadership in ministry. Depending on the study, up to 90% of full time church workers (Pastors, youth workers, teachers) state that their decision to enter the ministry was impacted by an experience at an outdoor ministry center. Not only are we building up the community of believers, we are training the future leaders.

We do this through several very distinct ways, that involve short and long term commitments.

Through our Sr. High Leaders Retreat, we develop a group of High School students that plan and lead a retreat at Camp Perkins and develop the theme for the winter.

Through our Leaders in Training we provide an opportunity for High school students to serve in a manner similar to staff in a short term role so they can experience some of the responsibility that our staff have and are able to build relationships with campers. Leaders In Training Camp

Through our summer staff positions, counselors and camp assistants live and serve in a Christian community over the summer. They develop skills such and leading and planning Bible Studies and devotions, campfires, worship opportunities, communal prayer, and life in a Christian community. Employment

Our summer program staff receive additional training in leadership and then provide leadership in a ministry setting under our synodically trained full time staff. Our Day Camp Coordinators, Summer Program Facilitators, Family Ministry Coordinator, and Ridges Staff all receive an additional week of training in leadership to be prepared for summer.

Additionally, we offer servant events for Jr. High and Sr. High, groups and individuals. Through these servant event opportunities, we allow the youth groups to practice servant leadership through service at Camp Perkins and through Human Care projects around Idaho.

Have your own group? You can also bring a group up to camp for leadership training by our staff. The opportunities are endless!

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