Woman on PhoneWe want to ensure you are confident in communicating with staff prior to your campers stay, throughout their week, and once they've returned home. do you communicate with the staff of Camp Perkins? Here's how!

Main Phone: 208-788-0897

Main Email:

An easy Contact Us Form and directions can be found here.


Registrar / Year-round Office Calls... Julie, our year-round office director and registrar is in Hailey. Julie is available here Monday-Thursday from 8am-1pm. Julie may need to contact a staff member up at the camp to clarify some things regarding housing and availability.

Girl on Phone

Julie can answer questions like... 

  • Can I add a buddy to my registration?
  • Is there room in a camp?
  • How do I switch the program my camper is attending?
  • What is my balance?
  • And so much more!

After 1pm, the phone will be forwarded to our on-site office. We will answer and check messages frequently and return calls as soon as possible for the afternoon and check messages in the evening.  

When leaving a message, it is helpful if you can address the following contacts according to specific needs. 

Nicole Ripke, Program Director, or 208-788-0897. Nicole will assist you with most summer camp questions like:

  • Summer Camp: how the schedule works, camper care, staff training, etc. You can also scan through the rest of our News feed on this page to get many of your questions answered, or you review our FAQ page as well. 
  • Volunteers: If you are intereseted in serving as an LIT or Resource Staff Volunteers... if you are volunteering Cell Phoneat Camp Perkins in any way, Nicole is your contact!
Signe White, Executive Director: or call 208-788-0897
  • Family Retreats: this summer, Signe will be your contact for family retreats: Single Parent and Child, Early Explorer, Friends and Family Week and weekends. 
  • Signe is also a great person to contact to share about your child's amazing week at Camp Perkins! We love to hear your feedback! You will also have an opportunity to fill out an Evaluation Form for the week of camp.

On-site US Mail for campers and staff:

Camper or Staff Name c/o Camp Perkins
HC 64 Box 9384
Ketchum, ID 83340

On-site UPS or FedEx for campers and staff:
Camper or Staff name
c/o Camp Perkins
Lake Alturas Rd
Stanley, ID 83278

**Remember, Cell Phones do not work at Camp Perkins and between Ketchum and Stanley, reception is non-existent or spotty at best. 

Ready for CAMP!Now that you have chosen the best summer camp for your child, it is time to prepare for a wonderful summer full of fun, new friends and exciting experiences. Whether this is your child's first time attending a summer camp or he or she is a seasoned veteran, preparation is important for a positive camp experience. To help your child have a successful time at camp this summer...
  • Practice with overnights at a friends house: One method to combat potential homesickness is to start practicing with overnight stays at a friends house. Let them pack their own overnight bag so they know what they have. Avoid giving them an out... in other words, don't say, "Call me anytime and I'll come get you." It isn't that you wouldn't do that, but saying that can plant that seed. Instead, say things that get them excited for the experience. 
  • Consider arranging for a first-time camper to attend with a close friend. Another method is to recruit a friend to attend camp with them. If the buddy is close in age and signed up for the same program, they can room together in the same cabin. You can even use our registration system to send the invitation. 
  • It is FINE, and sometimes more fun, to have a "fresh start" by coming on your own. If your child is coming alone, assure them that the camp counselors will make every effort to help them adjust and make new friends! The first activities the counselors lead are get-acquainted activities. Through these activities, the counselors and campers get to know each other.
  • Don't buy a brand-new wardrobe. While one or two new items are fine, camp life can be a bit rough on clothing. Children, especially first-timers, will also find "old favorites" reassuring when away from home. Consider writing the name of your child in important clothes, especially for young campers. Review the Summer Camp Info with the packing list and what to bring. 
  • Spend time talking to your child about what camp will be like and listen to any fears and concerns. Remind your child that apprehension and homesickness are perfectly normal feelings. Scroll through our Virtual Tour on Facebook. Watch the videos of Camp Perkins on YouTube to help them see some of the videos on our YouTube Channel - Camp Perkins Summer Adventure.
Be on the look-out for our next Summer Camp Prep tips on how to prevent the "H" word!

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