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Summer Camps Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can my youth attend Camp if he/she is not Lutheran?

A: Absolutely! While Camp Perkins' affiliation and confession of belief is Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, we welcome everybody!


Q: Who will be supervising my youth?

A: Please refer to our staff page for more information.


Q: What if my child doesn't know anyone?

A: The first activities the counselors lead are get-acquainted activities. Through these activities, the counselors and campers get to know each other.


Q: Where do the youth sleep and eat?

A: Your youth will sleep in a comfortable log cabin on a bunk bed (they need to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow) with a counselor and assistant and other youth their own age. As a cabin group they will go to meals and activities together. Meals are served in a large lodge that overlooks the lake. Mealtime is a highlight- not only for the delicious food, but the fun activities that occur before and after.For more details on the facilities at Camp Perkins, please visit our online tour.


Q: My youth really wants to attend camp but we simply can't afford it!

A: Please do not let finances prevent your youth from experiencing Camp Perkins' summer camp program. Many churches and organizations have funds available. Please contact your church office for information.

Camp Perkins will be happy to help you set up a payment plan to meet your needs.

Camp Perkins also has a Campership program available to assist you. Priority is given to applications submitted by May 15.


Q: How do I know my youth will be given proper nutrition while at Camp?

A: Camp menus are written by an experienced Food Manager with experience in public school lunch planning. They are in compliance with government standards providing proper nutrition while at the same time offering a variety of delicious, colorful foods that youth enjoy. We accommodate for special dietary needs, i.e. diabetes, wheat allergies, vegetarians.

Camp Perkins is at a high altitude in a dry climate and dehydration can become a problem. Thus we make every effort to see that everyone (including our staff!) drinks plenty of water.


Q: What will my youth do at camp?

A: Daily activities include Bible studies, crafts, music and skits, hiking or biking (age appropriate), games, meals, and water play. We also have other specialized outdoor experiences, which include backpacking and hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or rafting. For more information on specific camp activities, please look through the pages for each of the different camps we offer.


Q: Will my youth be swimming in your lake - are there lifeguards?

A: We have very strict water safety guidelines. No youth is allowed to be at the waterfront without an adult. During swim times, youth are only allowed in the water when our American Red Cross (ARC) certified lifeguards are on duty. All youth perform a swimming test so that the lifeguards are aware of the various abilities. A roped-off area is used to keep boats and canoes out of the swimming area. If youth desire to go boating or canoeing, they are first given a lesson, required to wear a life jacket, and are supervised by an adult at all times.


Q: What happens if a camper gets sick or injured while at Camp?

A: When a camper gets sick or injured, the youth is seen by the Health Care Volunteer and a parent is contacted. It is then determined if the camper is able to still participate in the remained of camp, depending on issues such as if he/she is contagious, if he/she is able to participate in camp activities. The youth either is closely monitored by the Health Care Volunteer or picked up by a parent.


Q: Does my youth need to have a physical examination?

A: No, but you will need to fill out Health Release and Information Form. This form contains emergency contacts, authorization for emergency treatment, health history, immunization history, and information about prescribed and over-the-counter medications. This form is available on our website.


Q: What should my youth bring?

A: A complete list is available in the pre-summer information packet available for download on the summer camp forms page. However, the list is largely items you would expect, such as sleeping bag or bedding, pillow, clothes, swimsuit, towel, toiletries, Bible, and flashlight.


Q: Can I phone my youth at Camp?

A: Yes, but we discourage it for many reasons. First of all, the campers are rarely near a telephone, which means we would have to track them down or have them return the call. Second, a camper missing home might be thrown into full-blown seperation anxiety by a well-intentioned call from Mom or Dad.And last, if everyone did it, the volume would turn our secretary into an answering machine. Sending a phone card with your youth is also discouraged.

We highly recommend regular mail for communicating with your youth, though it is also recommended you send your letters early as to ensure the arrival of your letter in time. Generally, letters sent on Thursdays do not arrive in time for the intended recipient to receive it, but letters sent on Wednesdays do.


Q: Can I pick my youth up early?

A: We realize that family outings and other events may require a youth to be picked up before the closing program. This is fine. However, if you know this will occur, please tell us when you arrive so that we may plan accordingly.


Your question was not answered here? Feel free to ask us online!


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