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Summer Staff

How we select and train the Summer Staff:

We've searched the country high and low for the most fun-loving, caring, Christian faith-filled staff just for your child. We strive to find staff who are spiritually, mentally and emotionally mature to ensure that your child is not only in good hands, but in good hearts. Each staff member has been personally interviewed, reference checked and background checked before they even set foot on the property.

Once here, they receive 80-100 hours of intensive job specific training. In every area, safety is our first concern for your child, so every activity is checked and double-checked. We want your child to have the best experience during their week at camp so we keep our overnight counselor to camper ratio to one counselor for every 8-12 campers. For our younger campers, that ratio is even lower: one counselor to every seven campers.


Wouldn't you, your family, or your church small group like to "Adopt" a summer staff? These dedicated young adults - counselors, camp assistants, program staff- come from across the country, and have traveled far from family and friends to be in Idaho. Creating and fostering a vision for ministry here at camp takes many people sharing their hearts and lives.

Our Adopt-a-Summer-Staff Program encourages our summer staff in their ministry and helps them connect with the lives of the families they serve. We'd absolutely love to see all 40 of our summer staff members "adopted!" Duties of an adoptive family, group, or individual could include praying for your staff member, sending them an encouraging card or note sometime during the summer, or sending a care package. The ideas are endless! Contact for more information!

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